About us

About IQRA Travels & Tours

A long standing and successful travel company which has always strived to provide its customers with the best of travel experiences.

It all started in 1990, when Iqra Travels & Tours was founded on the little island of Sri Lanka. Since then we have become one of the leading travel brands in Sri Lanka. To date we have assisted thousands of travelers in turning their travel dreams into reality.

Nearly thirty years in the trade has seen our business grow leaps and bounds to be able to achieve and be one of the leading Travel company’s in Sri Lanka. Iqra Travels & Tours is a renowned travel company offering customized travel packages that are tailored to suit every taste and budget. The staff of Iqra Travels & Tours take it as their duty and responsibility, to provide every customer with the facilities and requirements they have in mind. Satisfying the traveler’s mind has always been the key to success of our business.

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