It is with great pleasure that I pen down my gratitude to Iqra Travels & Tours for organising our Umrah trip in December 2019, Alhamdulila. With the grace of God, we (my husband, sister and I) had a very rewarding and comfortable trip to the holy cities which was organised by Iqra and the services provided was excellent.

A special mention must be made to Mr Nabawi Jaseem who liaised with us patiently and promptly and accommodated all our requests to the best he could. He always contacted us while we were in Mecca and Medina to ensure everything was okay and his commitment to his clients is remarkable.

We also had an excellent Mowlavi who guided us in Mecca. Ansari Mowlavi took the extra effort to make sure that we were guided properly while performing umrah and went the extra mile to check on us often to ensure that we were safe and comfortable

We highly recommend Iqra Travels and Tours to anyone who wishes to embark on this spiritual journey as they understand the importance and cater to the needs on a case to case basis with their dedicated team of experts.

Once again, Jazakallah Iqra travels for your commendable service and may Allah reward you for all your efforts. Ameen!

Muneera Azmi
IQ-EQ Corporate Services (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Overall Experience of our hajj can be rated as Very Good. The close customer service, guidance, resources provided helped us perform our Hajj to its best potential.

Our Moulavi, Mazeer needs to be made special mention of. His Knowledge and guidance to do our Amals in line with Quran & hadith was useful.

An area to improve is to give 2 options for Hajis’s (Economy Package & Luxury Package) for those who can afford & look for a bit more comfort.

Nabavi has been excellent in his customer service skills with very prompt responses.

JazakAllah! My wife & I enjoyed and optimized our Amal’s during our first Hajj.

Thank You IQRA Team.

IKram Ghazali
Group Management Committee
Hayleys Advantis Group

Alhamdulillah, I completed two Umrahs this year, courtesy of IQRA Travels, one with my wife and then with my parents after the Hajj season.

I received exceptional all round service throughout both my journeys. With the budget I had in mind, they offered a variety of packages and finally tailor made a package that suited me best. Transport and food were looked into closely, and we enjoyed comfort at every point of our pilgrimage. The service on our first Umrah was of par excellence and so we followed the same conditions on our second Umrah as well. The fact that the head of IQRA Travels kept in touch and ensured we were fine at every step of the way, helped us tremendously and proved excellent customer service Masha Allah!

Being a satisfied customer, I hope to travel with IQRA Travels for many years to come Insha Allah.

Hamza Lareef
Platinum Packaging Industries

Alhamdulillah we (My wife & myself) were very much satisfied with our Hajj tour.

IQRA Travels was able to fulfill all the necessary elements in a Hajj tour from the Visa application phase to lodging & food. Our stay in Makkah was splendid where we were only a short walk away from the Haram Courtyard.

The Food Provided was excellent, we felt like we never left home.

Our tent in mina was Muallim No 10 which made it very easy to go to and fro to the Jamarat. Further, since we had lodging in Aziziya, we could walk back from our tent in mina to Aziziya.

Most importantly we had an excellent Moulavi for our group who kept our spirituality charged with his timely sermons & easy to understand language.

I would most definitely recommend IQRA Travels to Friends & Family.

Ali Jishty
Partner - Diamond Group

Overall Highlights are excellent Islamic and spiritual guidance, prime locations and a good professional group of Haji’s.

Overall it was a good and rewarding experience. I really enjoyed the IQRA hospitality and the wonderful team of hajis. Islamic guidance and spiritual aspects were excellent. Overall Coordination, Management and Communication was good.

Accommodation in prime locations were helpful. Food in most instances were good except Mina.

Nawas Mohammed (Katchi Mohammed)

Assalamu Alaikum

Alhamdulillah I have found nothing that was hindering the Hajj experience too much. Alhamdulillah it was a pleasant experience for me and my family.

JazakAllah Khairan to the IQRA Team for all their efforts.

Azam Shariff

Assalammu Alaikkum Warahmathullahi Wabarakathuhu

My wife, daughter and myself performed Hajj in year 2019 with IQRA Travels and Tours Pvt Ltd.

We wish to state our comments as follows
  1. Very good accommodation in “Makkah and Madinah”.
  2. Friendly Administration and Kind Co-operation.
  3. Methodical Guidance by Good Ulamas.
  4. Very good hygienic food and good supportive team.

We wish the team of IQRA Travels a Bright Future, Specially Jeseem Haji, Cader Haji, Nabavi Haji, Nawas Haji, Furkhan Haji Etc and their Family Members too.

JazakAllah Khairan

Ansar Jamaldeen
Builder / Consultant
Paramount Builders

Assalamu Alaikum

Masha Allah, Alhamdulilah you as a team committed to make our performance perfect is a blessing not many are blessed with. The few that need fine tuning is the meals in mina and a better bedding space in Mina. Will always recommend to others on the service.

Jazak Allah Hair

Ashfaq Sameer & Wife

Alhamdulilah guidance given to perform Hajj was fantastic. I really appreciate IQRA Group for the services provided by your team.

Azlam Farook

Overall very happy with the group. Appreciate that we have done the Hajj according to Quran and Hadith.

Amajard Mohamed

I am glad that I performed Hajj Pilgrimage this year (2018) for the first time with Iqra Travels. This Travel operator with great reputation and many years of experience, did his utmost to make our pilgrimage a success. Meticulous planning at every stage and early warning about the day to day situation in the Holy City, created awareness among pilgrims. This paved the way for performing Hajj rites, in it’s correct perspective. Special mention should be made about the Learned and honored Mowlavi from Iqra Travels, who enlightened us and gave us guidance by way of useful bayans and praiseworthy narrations at places of Islamic and historical interest in Mecca and Medina.

Brigadier (Retd) M. Z. Ishrath

Alhamdulillah the services and arrangements provided by Iqra Travels were integral in assisting us performing the rituals and ibadah of Hajj. They paid attention to every detail prior to even our departure and continued this till we were back home safely. The accommodation, food, transport and all other related aspects were coordinated very well and the entire team were extremely responsive and understanding. The Moulavi was very knowledgeable and effectively interacted with us to understand the purpose of the ibadah and rituals and guided us every step of the way to complete them in a meaningful manner to seek the pleasure of Allah. The management and team of Iqra helped us complete this extremely important obligation in a very satisfying and memorable manner. Jazakallahu Khairan and may Allah reward your efforts.

Hathim Sabry & Safiya Sabry
Senior Manager – Ernst & Young Sri Lanka

It is extremely gratifying to discover at long last an agency that truly understands the meaning of service. The service you have provided goes above and beyond anything we had experienced before. We are most grateful to you for making our blessed journey a memorable one. The amount of care you put in to ensure our comfort, such as providing with hotel accommodation in the Zam Zam Clock towers and the short length we had to walk to the Jamaarat, was greatly appreciated. Thank you for filling our days with experiences that we will forever cherish.

Dr. Abdullah Mohinadeen

“Iqra Travels made our Hajj a pleasant experience right from the time we first contacted them. They obliged with our special needs and helped us prepare for the journey. The hotels that were booked for us both at Mekkah and Medina were excellent, and both were only 5 minute walking distance the Haram. The Maulavi who accompanied us was a great resource and a guide enabling us to complete our Hajj closest to the Sunnah In Sha Allah.”

Imtiaz Ahmed Kamiss & Sherooza Kamiss

We went for our hajj in 2018 with Iqra Travels. The Hajj pilgrimage was an amazing and humbling experience.

From the time we confirmed our travel plans to the arrival in Colombo the coordination and organization was excellent. The facilities provided in Makkah and Medina were really good. The hotels were a 3 min walk to the haram and our rooms were facing the Kaba. The tents in Mina were close to the Jamarath. The tents were equipped with adequate Air Conditioners while for beddings, sofa beds were provided. Transport was excellent with luxury coaches provided for all travel. There was no shortage of food and water.

The management was always attentive to the needs of the pilgrims and took extra steps to make them feel safe and comfortable.

Thank you Iqra for making our hajj a memorable experience.

Ziyam Kamil & Azhara Ismail

My husband and I had a blessed journey to Makkah in August 2018 to perform our first Hajj with Iqra travels. We were well taken care of and provided with the best in terms of hotels to food and transport. They made sure our hajj experience was one to cherish forever.

Nazreen Muneera Fassi & Riyaz Hilmy (HSBC-UAE)

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